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Interesting Facts

Here you will find some really Interesting Facts which you never know. These Amazing Facts are well categorised. The categories which we have within Interesting facts are Animals Facts, Food Facts, Geography Facts, History Facts, Humans Facts, Inventions Facts, Language Facts, Miscellaneous Facts, Nature Facts, Sports Facts. All facts are really Surprising. Tell your friends about these facts and then ask them 'Did you know it', I am sure that the answer will be NO. Below is the latest Interesting Facts added to the site.

Famous People Facts
John Harvey Kellogg First Career - Famous People Facts

John Harvey Kellogg, doctor: The man who started Kellogg's brand cereal and all their eventual offshoot products was a doctor before he became an entrepreneur. Inspired by his commitment to health and nutrition, Kellogg was the chief physician at the Western Health Reform Institute of Battle Creek, which promoted healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. He had nontraditional health beliefs, though: he was convinced most illnesses were caused by bowel irregularity and/or stomach disorders, or by sex (he often claimed that he and his wife of 40 years had never consummated their marriage). A health book author and lecturer, Kellogg and his brother started the Kellogg cereal company and invented wheat and corn flakes, virtually on accident, due to budget constraints and a batch of overcooked dough.

Animals Facts
Roosters Crow Fact - Animals Facts

Roosters cannot crow if they cannot extend their necks.

Miscellaneous Facts
World's first travel agency - Miscellaneous Facts

In 1758, Cox & Kings became the world's first travel agency.

Sports Facts
Soccer Ball Fact - Sports Facts

A soccer ball is made up of 32 leather panels, held together by 642 stitches.

Inventions Facts
Telephone Patent - Inventions Facts

One hour before Alexander Graham Bell registered his patent for the telephone in 1876, Elisha Gray patented his design. After years of litigation, the patent went to Bell.

Humans Facts
When you sneeze - Humans Facts

Every time you sneeze some of your brain cells die.

Food Facts
Banana Facts - Food Facts

Botanically speaking, tomato is a fruit. There are more than 10,000 varieties of tomatoes.

Famous People Facts
Harry Truman First Career - Famous People Facts

Harry Truman, haberdasher:
The president who dropped the A-bomb had much more humble beginnings. He was a bank clerk and bookkeeper, served in the National Guard and in WWI, and after the war, opened his own men's haberdashery store in Kansas City, MO, with a friend.

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