The arctic tern

The arctic tern, a migrating bird is able to travel back and forth as much as 22000 miles in a course of a year.

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Seahorse Fact

No one knows what happens to the seahorse during winter as it is only seen during the summertime.

Webbed feet of stormy petrel

The webbed feet of the stormy petrel enable it to 'walk' on water. It spends almost its entire life over the ocean and only comes to land to breed. If a storm arises, they can't walk on water and are forced to remain in the air all day and night.

Armadillo's Soft Teeth

Despite having a shell of armour for the body, an armadillo has teeth that do not have enamel and thus have very soft teeth. It can only eat soft food such as ants, termites, grubs and bugs.

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