Mike Rowe First Career

Mike Rowe, opera singer: Mike Rowe is best known in the U.S. for hosting the Discovery Channel's show Dirty Jobs, but if you listen carefully, he's also the narrator behind lots of commercials, TV specials and documentaries. But that strong, gravely voice isn't just great for speaking. Before TV, Rowe sang with the Baltimore Opera.

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Ina Garten First Career

Ina Garten, White House nuclear policy analyst:
The charmingly high brow Barefoot Contessa whose real name is Ina Garten has a loyal fan base all over the country who follow her TV show and have tried out recipes from her seven cookbooks. Before the TV show and cookbook fame, Garten owned a specialty foods store in East Hampton, NY, which she and her husband Jeffrey bought on a whim while living in Washington, D.C. At that time, Garten worked in the White House Office of Management and Budget as a policy analyst, but after buying the foods store, quit her job and moved to Long Island.

Sheryl Crow First Career

Sheryl Crow, music teacher: Upbeat but soulful singer, songwriter and guitarist Sheryl Crow has enjoyed a long-lasting career that incorporates all types of music genres and often rewards her with high-profile collaborations and honors. And while the Missouri native was always interested in music she wrote her first song when she was only 13 Crow chose to teach music to autistic children after graduating from college before moving to LA to join the industry.

Martha Stewart Facts

Martha Stewart, stock broker: Martha Stewart got into some trouble recently over some insider trading, obstruction of justice and then lying about it all, and many long-time fans of Martha's place settings and holiday decorating wondered how she got involved in such a mess in the first place. But before Martha Stewart was the goddess of domesticity, she was, in fact, a stockbroker. She graduated from Barnard with degrees in history and architectural history after first dropping out to model, and soon became a stockbroker. After moving to Connecticut with her husband and young son, Stewart left her job she claims to have wanted to spend more time with her family, but others believe she was escaping a scandal.

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