Soft Drink Inventions

Soft Drink Inventions

The term "soda water" was coined in 1798. The soda fountain was patented by Samuel Fahnestock in 1819, with the first bottled soda water available in 1835. The first ice-cream soda was sold in 1874 in the US. The first cola-flavored beverage was introduced in 1881. Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 in Atlanta, Georgia by Dr. John S. Pemberton. Pepsi-Cola was invented by Caleb Bradham 12 years later. In 1929, the Howdy Company introduced its "Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Sodas," which became 7 Up, which was invented by Charles Leiper Grigg.

Red Bull was introduced by Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya, from Thailand, in 1987. It is based on the Thai drink called Krating Daeng which means red bull.

The first diet soft drink, called the "No-Cal Beverage" is launched in 1952. Aluminum cans were introduced in 1957 and two years later the first diet cola went on sale.

The pull-ring tab was invented in 1962 and the re-sealable top in 1965. Plastic bottles were first used for soft drinks in 1970. The Polyethylene Terephthalate bottle was introduced in 1973. The stay-on tab was invented in 1974.

The most popular beverage in the world is tea.

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Invention of Velcro

After a walk in the Swiss woods with his dog one day in 1941, Georges de Mestral was astounded by the ability of burrs to stick to his dog's coat and his own clothes. When he got home, he shoved burrs under a microscope and saw that its barbed seed pods hooked easily with the looped fibers of his coat. He realized that he could produce a new type of fastening product.

It was not an easy task, though, eventually taking him 10 years to perfect the product, using cotton but settling on nylon. At first people laughed at the idea but by the time Georges de Mestral (1907 - 1990) received a patent for the product in 1955 the idea for the "zipperless zipper" was well received. He named the product Velcro, from the French words velours (velvet) and crochet (hook).

Today, Velcro is used almost everywhere: apparel, shoes, leashes, nuclear power plants, battle tanks, in the space shuttle and many more. All thanks to the burr plant.

Graham Bell Dislike Phone

Alexander Graham Bell, who was awarded the patent for the invention of the telephone, disliked telephones so much that he refused to have one in his office. When Bell passed away in 1922, every telephone served by the Bell system in the USA and Canada was silent for one minute.

First Harley Davidson Motorcycle

The first Harley Davidson motorcycle was built in 1903, and used a tomato can for a carburetor.

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