Highest Dam in India

Highest Dam in India

Tehri Dam on Bhagirathi River is the highest dam in India. With a height of 261 meters, Tehri Dam is the sixth highest dam in the world. Tehri dam is the main dam of the Tehri Hydro Project, a major power project located in the state of Uttarakhand. The dam's projected capabilities include an power generation capacity of 2400 MW, stabilise irrigation to an area of 6,000 km and a supply of 270 million gallons of drinking water to Delhi and cities in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Tehri Dam was approved in 1972 and its construction was started in 1978. The dam was in the controversy due to environmental reasons. The main dam will produce 2000 MW of electricity when completed. There is another smaller dam 14 km downstream at Koteshwar that will produce 400 MW of electricity.

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Highest Airport in India

Leh airport is the highest airport in India. In fact it is the highest commercial airport in the world. Leh airport is situated at an altitude of about 3000 meter. The airport has been renamed after Koshak Bakola, a spiritual leader of the Ladakh region. Koshak Bakola also served as India's Ambassador to Mangolia.

Leh is a district located in the Ladakh region of the state of Jammu & Kashmir. Its average elevation is 3650 metres. The temperatures in Leh vary from -30C in winters to 40C in summers. Leh is a popular tourist destination. Leh is a center of Tibeto-Buddhist culture and is dotted with numerous colorful gompas.

Busiest Bridge in India

Howrah Bridge (also known as Rabindra Setu) on the Hooghly River in West Bengal is the busiest bridge in India. Howrah Bridge is a famous landmark of Kolkata. It bears the weight of a daily traffic of approx 150,000 vehicles, and 4,000,000 pedestrians. Howrah bridge is a cantilever truss bridge, constructed entirely by riveting, without nuts or bolts. The construction of the Howrah Bridge was started in 1937 and the bridge was opened to traffic on February 1943. The bridge has a central span of 1500 ft between centers of main towers. It has an anchor arm of 325ft each and a cantilever arm of 468ft each. The suspended span of the bridge is 564ft

State with Least Number of Districts in India

Goa is the state with least number of districts in India. It has two districts: North Goa & South Goa.

The North Goa District has an area of 1736 sq. Km. Geographical position of Goa is marked by 15o 48' 00" N to 14o 53' 54" N latitudes and 73o E to 75o E longitudes. North Goa shares its boundaries with the Sawantwadi & Dodamarg, of Ratnagiri District and Kolhapur District of Maharastra state and with South Goa District shares the southern boundary.

South Goa is situated between the latitudinal paralles of 15o 29' 32" N and 14o 53' 57" N and longitudinal parallels of 73o 46' 21" E and 74o 20' 11" E. Arabian Sea is to the west of district, North Goa district to the North and Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka in the East and South. The total geographical area of the district is 1966 sq km.

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