Nokia Tune Fact

The ringtone "Nokia tune" is actually based on a 19th century guitar work named "Gran Vals" by Spanish musician Francisco Tarrega. The Nokia Tune was originally named "Grande Valse" on Nokia phones but was changed to "Nokia Tune" around 1998 when it became so well known that people referred to it as the "Nokia Tune."

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Text messages revenue

Text messages contribute to 20% of operator revenues.

First Text Message

The first text message ever sent was on December 3, 1992. On this historic date, British engineer Neil Papworth of Sema Group sent an early "MERRY CHRISTMAS" message from his computer to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone on Jarvis's mobile phone.

An iPhone Power

An iPhone now has more processing power than the North American Air Defence Command did in 1965.

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