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Adult Hindi Jokes

Adult Hindi Jokes

Adult Hindi Jokes are also known as Dirty Hindi Jokes or Dirty Jokes in Hindi or Sexy Hindi Jokes or Adult Indian Jokes or Hindi Sexy Jokes. Adult Hindi Jokes are espacially focused on Indian or Hindi visitors because they are either written in Hindi language or related to Indian scenario. The term adult hindi jokes is used to describe various jokes, prose, poems, black comedy and skits that deal with topics that are considered to be adult taste or vulgar. Adult hindi jokes are concerned with sex, a particular ethnic group, or gender in Indian context. Other adult hindi jokes include violence, particularly domestic abuse, excessive swearing or profanity. These jokes are not suitabe to be viewed or listen by any unmatured person.

We have a huge collection of Adult Hindi Jokes or Hindi Sexy Jokes for you to have some good time but be sure you must be over 18 years to visit these Dirty Hindi Jokes. Enjoy these Dirty Jokes in Hindi.

Bhabhi doesn't have Bhabhi doesn't have
Once among two brothers the elder one who was a very simple person was married, he had no idea regarding the first night. So he referred his younger brother who was an experienced guy.

It was later on decided that both would be having cellphones and the younger would instruct the elder via the cellphone, then the conversation follows:

younger: Enter the room
elder: o.k. now what?

younger: close the door
elder:o.k. now what?

younger:go near bhabhi
elder:o.k. now what?

younger:start undressing both of you
elder:o.k. now what?

Then the younger felt ashamed of narrating the process of insertion, so he said

younger: Put in what is common between both of us and bhabhi does not have AT THE SAME INSTANCE THE ELDER BROTHER INSERTS THE CELLPHONE
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Cricket Language Cricket Language
When Saqlain Mushtaq (Pakistani Spin Bowler) got married he was very nervous on his first night, the conversation took like this:

Saqlain (touching her body): Darling has anybody batted on this pitch before?
Wife: No my dear.

Saqlain (touching her boobs): Darling has anybody balled with this ball?
Wife (slapped him): You stupid! have you seen any spinner getting a new ball?
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Where is the hole Where is the hole
A man had a strange problem that he felt a lot of cold all the time. On the day of his marriage, at his 'suhagraat', the bride eagerly waiting for his entry so that she could break the barriers of her virginity. The man entered, switched off the lights, took a blanket, closely went near to her as the bride was waiting for the ultimate countdown. He opened the blanket and slept in it.

The bride very confused about the situation next day went to her friend and told her about what happened the last night. The friend suggested her that when this time your husband enters and comes on the bed, you should sit there wearing nothing on the top. The Husband's entry next day and still the same.

The bride again goes to her friend and tells her about the nightmare. She then suggests her to be fully naked when her husband now enters.

The very same night, the husband enters and takes a blanket and goes off to sleep. Enough of it, the bride again goes to her friend and repeats the story. The friend wondering as to what kind husband is he, suggests her to give it a last shot and tell her husband this time when he enters, that she has a HOLE.

The bride really happy thinking that this would do the trick sits on the bed naked when her husband enters, takes a blanket and goes off to sleep. She gets a bit close to him and whispers in his ears " I HAVE A HOLE IN HERE". The husband puts the blanket away take his leg out and smashes the bride on the hole and says "Main Yehi Dekhu Hawa Kahan Se Aa Rahi Hai."
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sneezing sneezing
Guji guy gets married to this beautiful, voluptuous, village belle, the best of the lot in the whole of the Gujarat.

Wedding night, big night, man is bloody impatient to get his manhood into action. Finally the big moment. He strips...tears her clothes off .... gets on top of her... after 10 minutes of wild action ....he hears his wife sneeze, which suddenly puts him off gear. Disappointed, he gets off & quietly goes off to sleep.

But next day, he pardons his wife for her untimely behaviour, and again starts looking forward to the night. But again in the night after 10 mins, the wife starts sneezing. The husband is quite put off, and next day confides with his doctor, and invites him to actually witness the sad debacle.

So in the night, doctor is hiding behind the window, husband begins his act, and after 10 mins. Wife again starts sneezing. Husband immediately gets off, and approaches the doctor, "See, what did I tell." The doctor, takes his shoe and starts hammering the fellow.

The husband is quite perturbed, and asks the doctor the meaning of all this. The doctor tells him, "Abey gaando (Arsehole - in gujurati), she is not sneezing, she is saying ....... awuchu, awuchu ( I am coming - in gujurati)".
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Two Friends Two Friends
Two Friends never planned to marry 'coz they heard much about the after marriage controversies between the partners. But due to internal pressure they both married.

After a long time, one day both of them met and asked each other about their life and whether they married or not.

Tensed both of them, first friend told the other" Yaar, kya bataoon, meri to raaton ki neend haram ho gayee. jab bhi bed room mein jaata hoon, meri biwi bolti hai- eh chal gear laga".

The other much more tensed replied" Yeh to kuch bhi nahin, main to jab bhi bed room mein jaata hoon, meri biwi kehti hai" jaanu, ek litre petrol bharna."
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