What's wrong

What's wrong

What have you done wrong if your wife walks into the living room and slaps you.

You have left the chain to long.

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First Night

A Old Man aged 80 years marries a Girl of 15 years.

Q:) First Night both of them CRY Loudly.......... Why?

A:) She didn't knew what to do.........and he Forgot How to do!

Divorce Couple

A newly wed couple went to their lawyer to get themselves a divorce.

The lawyer wondered dat why do they want a divorce wen they are both good looking & newly wed... So he took both of them into seperate rooms & asked them the reason for the divorce...

1st with the man..
"I wanted this () ... atleast this ( ) .. but wat is this ( *** ) ..!!!"

...then with the woman..
"I wanted this =========> ...atleast this =====> ...but wat is this ==> ..!!"


Mother to married daugter: Anita do you know the meaning of "MANGALSUTRA",

Daughter replied yes "License to enjoy kamasutra"

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