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A girl was throwing stones at a cow. Her father came & scolded her for throwing the stones at the cow & told to her that cows are like mothers to them & should be respected.

Next day guests come to there house & asked for her father.

She said, "Father is pressing breast of mother".

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Tid bits
Before Marriage
"Having sex with you is like eating chineese food Fully satisfying but after one hour I want more"

After Marriage
"Having sex with you is like eating Indian food Kinda satisfying but dont wanna have it everday"

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Which Ad
7 nude men standing in a row facing 1 nude sexy babe.

Seeing them a guy asked ........... are you all advertising for a condom!

The men replied no for 7up!

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Some abbreviations and their fullforms

1) PARIS- Please Allow Romance In school

2) JAPAN- Jumping And Pumping All Night

3) ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Sex

4) FILA- Fuck In Lonely Area

5) PUMA- Press Until Milk Arrives

6) LIMCA- Lauda In Mouth Causes AIDS

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