A lady had three son in laws.

To know which one of them loved her.

She took one of them to a lake and pretended to be drowned. The son in law saved her. Next morning a Honda City was at his house stating,

"Thanks-Mother In Law".

She did the same with second son in law. The same thing happened and the second son in law got the same gift.

She took the third son in law to the same lake and did the same. But the third son in law did not do the same. He let her drowned. The next morning he got a Mercedeez Benz at his house stating,

"Thanks-Father in Law".

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Train Accident

A train driver got an accident and drive it to the fields along the track.

People asked what happend.

He replied a man was coming under it.

The people said that you should not consider man and drive over him.

Driver replied "infact I was doing so but he ran towards the fields".

Telecom and Jurassic Park

What's the difference between Telecom and Jurassic Park?

One's a theme park where the inhabitants are trying to kill all the paying customers. : The other one's a movie.

A Man

Q: What do you call an intelligent, good looking, sensitive man?

A: A rumor.

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