2 Sindhi

1st Sindhi: U know I am the best at saving money. I sent my wife alone for the honeymoon and saved half the money.

2nd Sindhi: U have done nothing my freind. I saved the total cost of my honeymoon. I sent my wife with my freind.

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Bheegi Bheegi raton mein

Did u know why Adnan Sami sung "Bheegi Bheegi raton mein".

Arey yaar Huggies don't come in elephant size.


A muslim girl wearing a burka was going on the road.

The boy going just behind the girl said,"Rafta Rafta dekho aankh jisse ladhi hain."

Girl Replied,"Aankh Jisse ladhi, tere baap se bhi badhi hain."

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