Blank Answer Sheet

Blank Answer Sheet

Santa Singh and Banta singh were fighting after finishing their exam.

Teacher: Why are you two fighting?

Santa Singh: The fool left his answer sheet blank.

Teacher: So?

Santa Singh: Even I have left my answer sheet blank. Now you will think that we have copied.

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In Punjab

Man: Santa singh where were you born?
Santa: Punjab.
Man: Which part?
Santa: Oye, part part kya kar raha hai ? Whole body born in Punjab.

A Million Dollars Prize

Santa receives a call.

"Sir, you can win out top prize of million dollars instantly if you answer with a NO to my first question. Are you ready?
Santa: YES, YES!


Santa's friend: How was your exam?

Santa: It was okay but I couldnt' answer the past tense of THINK. I thought, thought and thought and then I rote "THUNK".

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