8 K.M. a day

8 K.M. a day

The doctor told Sardarji that if he ran eight kilometers a day for 300 days, he would loose 34 kilos.

At the end of 300 days, Sardarji called the doctor to report he had lost the weight, but he had a problem.

"What's the problem?"asked the doctor.

"I'm 2400 kms from home."

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Sardar Studying

One day, a man passing by a hill, noticed a Sardar sitting on top of it with a book in hand and many beside him.

The man, out of curiosity, shouted out to the Sardar, "Oye Paaji, ki kar rahe ho?"

To which the Sardar replied, "Oye, dikhta nahi, main apni higher studies complete kar raha hoon!"

Blank Answer Sheet

Santa Singh and Banta singh were fighting after finishing their exam.

Teacher: Why are you two fighting?

Santa Singh: The fool left his answer sheet blank.

Teacher: So?

Santa Singh: Even I have left my answer sheet blank. Now you will think that we have copied.

In Punjab

Man: Santa singh where were you born?
Santa: Punjab.
Man: Which part?
Santa: Oye, part part kya kar raha hai ? Whole body born in Punjab.

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