All friends

All friends

One day when Santa Singh entered into his house he saw his wife in bed with his friend Banta Singh!

He gets very very angry, takes out his shotgun and shoots Banta Singh!

Banta Singh is dead instantly.

His wife screams at Santa, 'Are you crazy! If you behave like this you will lose all your friends!!!'

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Banana Peel

What did Banta Singh say when he saw a banana peel lying on the floor?

Oye aaj phir phisalna padega!

What did Banta Singh say when he saw two banana peels lying on the floor?

Oye kis par se phisaloon???

Baal baal bach gaye

Santa Singh is riding a scooter on the highway with his wife behind him.

His wife moves her hand closer to the guys zip and he increases the speed of the scooter to 60 kmph. She openes the zip and the speed goes up to 80kmph.

She holds his thing and the speed goes to 100kmph, she holds it even more tightly now and the speed of the scooter goes up to 120kmph. At this point a truck comes from the opposite direction and there is an accident. Santa Singh is thrown on one side of the road and his wife on the other.

The driver of the truck comes up to Santa and says, 'Arre sardarji aapto baal baal bach gaye!'

Santa Singh replies in pain, 'Baal baal to bach gaye lekin maal to vo le gayee.....'

I Spit

Ghanta Singh was drinking at a bar and the bartender came over to tell him he had a telephone call. Ghanta had just bought another large beer and he didn't want anyone to drink it. So, he wrote a little sign and left it by his beer that said: 'I spit in my beer.'

When Ghanta Singh returned to the his bar stool there was another note beside his beer:

'I spit in your beer too!'

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