The Deceptive Mumbai

The Deceptive Mumbai

Mumbai has been a new name of Bombay and is a fun city to live. But if you tried to link the meaning of the name of places within it with matching history you will be fooled.

1. Bombay, Bomb-bay has no bombs and is a harbour not a bay.

2. Churchgate has neither a church nor a gate. It is a railway station.

3. Lalbaug (Red Garden) is neither red nor a garden.

4. No king ever stayed at Kings-Circle.

5. Queen Victoria did not stay at Victoria Terminus.

6. There is no princess or princess story at Princess street.

7. Lower Parel is at the same level as Parel.

8. There are no marines or sailors at Marine Lines.

9. The Mahalaxmi temple is at Haji Ali not at Mahalaxmi.

10. There are no pigs traded at Dukar bazaar.

11. Teen bati is a junction of 3 roads, not three lamps.

12. Trams used to terminate at Kings circle not Dadar Tram Terminus.

13. Breach Candy is not a sweetmeat market.

14. Safed Pool has the dirtiest blackish water.

15. You cannot buy coal at Kolsa street.

16. There are no Iron smiths at Lohar chawl.

17. There are no pot makers at Kumbhar wada.

18. Lokhandwala complex is not an Iron and steel market.

19. Null bazaar does not sell taps.

20. Nor does Bheendi Bazaar sell lady fingers.

21. Kalachowki does not have a black Police station.

22. Hanging Gardens are not suspended.

23. Mirchi Gully does not sell chillies.

24. Figs do not grow in Anjir Wadi, Sitafals do not grow in Sitafal.

25. Wadi, Jackfruits do not grow at Fanaswadi.

26. Khoka Bazar does not have any box manufacturer, seller or buyer.

27. There is no darkness in Andheri.

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Indian Culture!

An Englisgman went next door to welcome his new Indian neighbour. He was shocked to see the man from India in his nice backyard chasing ten chickens around like mad. "Must be an Indian custom," he thought to himself. Deciding he could put off the welcome till a later date, he went home.

The next day, he decided he was going to welcome the Indian man again. When he looked through his window, he saw the Indian man urinate into a cup and drink it. "Must be an Indian custom," he thought to himself.

Deciding he could put off the welcome till tomorrow, he went on with other stuff. The third day, he was determined he had to welcome the Indian man. At his gate, he saw the Indian man with his ear pressed against a cow's big fat butt. He became angry and went up to the Indian man."

I'm sorry sir, I want to wish you a welcome, but I cannot stand your crazy Indian customs!" He yelled in the Indian man's face. The Indian man looked confused and answered. "Sorry sir, I think you are mistaken. These are actually English customs. I was told, to be English, you have to chase chicks, get Piss drunk, and listen to bullshit."

Dirty Train

From New Delhi to Bombay came a very dirty train. The train had many animals in the corridors, and many people eating and creating even more garbage. In one cabin, there were a Chinese and a Marwadi sitting one in front of the other.

Suddenly a fly sat on the Chinese man's head, and using his hypontic skills, he hypnotized the fly only with his eyes. Then he took the fly, opened his mouth, looked at the Marwadi, and ate it.

Five minutes later came another fly, and the Chinese guy did the same thing.

The next fly landed this time on the Marwadi's head. The Marwadi did the same thing, with his eyes he hypnotized the fly, took it, opened his mouth, looked at the Chinese guy, and asked, "Do you want to buy it?"

Business Mind !

Laloo Prasad Yadav talks to his son to get married

Laloo : I want you to marry a girl of my choice
Son : "I want to choose my own bride".

Laloo : "But the girl is Ambani's daughter."
Son : "Well, in that case......Yes"

Next Laloo approaches Mukesh Ambani

Laloo : "I have a husband for your daughter."
Ambani : "But my daughter is too young to marry."

Laloo : "But this young man is a vice-president of the World Bank."
Ambani : "Ah, in that case.....Yes"

Finally Laloo goes to see the president of the World Bank.

Laloo : "I have a young man to be recommended as a vice-president."
President :"But I already have more vice-presidents than I need."

Laloo : "But this young man is Ambani's son-in-law."
President : "Ah, in that case.......Yes."

Now this is how business is done!!

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