Campaign Funds

Campaign Funds

A politician was presenting his argument before the party's finance committee. "I want a million dollars for my campaign", he said.

"But your campaign won't cost that much", protested the committee members.

"I know that", said the politician, "but in case I lose I want to be able to live comfortably."

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Bush And Laura

When the 2000 election was finally certified, President-elect George W. Bush called his wife, Laura, to tell her the good news. Here's how their conversation went.

Dubya: Guess what, honey? I won the election!!

Laura: Honestly?

Dubya (after long pause): Look, we don't have to get into that. I won, and that's good enough for me!

Powell and Wasington's Portrait

Colin Powell was passing a portrait of George Washington in the White House one day, when the portrait came alive and asked "Hey Nigger, get me a horse!".

Powell quickly rushed to Condeleza Rice and told her what happened. Laughing, she nevertheless accompanied Powell to the portrait.

As nothing happened for a few minutes, they were turning away from the portrait, when the portrait came alive again and demanded "Hey, Niggers, where is my horse?".

Both Rice and Powell rushed to George Bush, who, laughing, nevertheless accompanied them to the portrait.

When nothing happened for a few minutes, they were turning away from the portrait, when Washington once again came alive, threw up his hands and exclaimed "Typical Niggers, I ask for a horse and they bring me a jackass!"

Lallu & Mayawati

Mayawati came to Lallu's house with a goat.
Lallu: Bhaiswa ko kyon layi ho?
Maya: Dikhta nahin goatwa hai?
Lallu: Hum goatwa se hi to pooch raha hoon.

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