Mars Trip

To send a person on Mars, NASA selects 3 persons for an interview.

The first one, an American doctor comes and is asked how much money he would take to go to Mars. He answers,"I'll take 1 million dollars and donate them to my university". He is discarded.

The second one, a Russian engineer answers to the same question, "I'll take 2 million dollars. I'll donate one million to my university and the remaining to my family."

The third, an Indian politician answers, "I'll take 3 million. I'll give one to you, I'll take one for myself and the remaining one million, we'll give to that silly doc and send him !"

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Hamara P.M. Laloo

What would change, if Laloo Prasad becomes India's Prime Minister

National Anthem: Khana Pina Adhik Zaroorat hai...

National Attire: Dhoti & Kurta

National Drink: Fresh Buffalo Milk

National Animal: Buffalo, from Bihar

National Sport: Milking Buffalo (morning)

Buffalo Race: (evening)

Corporate Language: Enlishva

National Toy: A. K. 47

National Family Planning Policy: Hum Do, Humare Dozen

National Documentry Film: Laloo Ban Gaya Gentleman

National Vehicle: Buffalo Cart

National Recreation: Pro-creation

Laloo's Slogan

"Jab Tak Rahega Samosa Me Aloo, Tab Tak Rahega Hamara P.M. Laloo"

Campaign Funds

A politician was presenting his argument before the party's finance committee. "I want a million dollars for my campaign", he said.

"But your campaign won't cost that much", protested the committee members.

"I know that", said the politician, "but in case I lose I want to be able to live comfortably."


Bush And Laura

When the 2000 election was finally certified, President-elect George W. Bush called his wife, Laura, to tell her the good news. Here's how their conversation went.

Dubya: Guess what, honey? I won the election!!

Laura: Honestly?

Dubya (after long pause): Look, we don't have to get into that. I won, and that's good enough for me!

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