A Sardar went 2 hotel, ordered chiken, Waiter comes with the order,

Surdar : Murgi di taang kithe hai?
Waiter : Woh langra tha.

Surdar : Dil?
Waiter : Dil murgi le gayee.

Surdar: Dimaag?
Waiter: Murga SARDAR tha!!!

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Marathon race

Santa Singh sees lot of guys running on the highway. He asks a bystander why all of the guys were running.

The man answers: "They are all running in the marathon race."

Santa Singh: "What do they get from that?"

The man : "The winner will get a prize!"

Santa Singh: "Then why are the others running?"

Sardar Questions

Q: How do you make a sardar laugh on Saturday?
A: Tell him a joke on Wednesday.

Q: What is the sardar doing when he holds his hands tightly over his ears?
A: Trying to hold on to a thought.

Q: Why did the sardar stare at frozen orange juice can for 2 hours?
A: Because it said 'concentrate'.

Q: Why do sardars work seven days a week?
A: So you don't have to retrain them on Monday.

Q: What did the sardar do when he noticed that someone had already written on the overhead transparency?
A: He turned it over and used the other side.

Q: Why did god give sardars 2% more brains than horses?
A: Because he didn't want them shitting in the streets during parades.

Q: How do you confuse a sardar?
A: You don't. They're born that way.

Q: How do you keep a sardar in suspense?
A: (I'll tell you tomorrow.)

Q: Why can't sardars make ice cubes?
A: They always forget the recipe.

Q: How did the sardar try to kill the bird?
A: He threw it off a cliff.

Q: What's the difference between a sardar and a computer?
A: You only have to punch information into a computer once.

Q: Why do men like sardar jokes?
A: Because they can understand them.

Q: What does a sardar say when you ask his if his blinker is on?
A: It's on. It's off. It's on. It's off. It's on. It's off.

Q: What do you call 10 sardars standing ear to ear?
A: A wind tunnel.

Q: What do you call a sardar with half a brain?
A: Gifted!

Q: What do you call a sardar in a tree with a brief case?
A: Branch Manager.

Q: What do you do when a sardar throws a hand grenade at you?
A: Pull the pin and throw it back.

Q: What's five miles long and has an IQ of forty?
A: A sardar parade.

A: He said "Yes, I've seen it done."

Q: What sardarji will do after taking Xerox ?
A: He will compare it with the original for spelling mistakes.

Q: What sardarji will do if he wants a white paper ? (he already
has one and he wants one more..)
A: He takes a Xerox of the white paper !!!

Q: THINK about it.
A: I don't have to think.... I'm sardar !!

Crocodile Boots

Sardarji proposes to a woman.

She says yes if you bring me a pair of crocodile boots.

He sets off to Africa and disappears. Finally a search is being made, they find him hunting crocodiles and watch him killing a huge one.

He walks over the reptile, checks its legs and angrily exclaims "71st and *again* barefeet!"

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