Mariage Woes

Mariage Woes

A girl proposed Santa and he denied her simply saying that in our family, we only marry our relatives.

My mom married my dad, my brother married my bhabhi, my uncle married my aunt and so on. So please excuse me !!!!!

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One day Santa's Girlfriend asks him, Darling, on our Engagement will you give me a RING?

Santa: Ya sure, Give me ur Telephone No.


A Sardar went 2 hotel, ordered chiken, Waiter comes with the order,

Surdar : Murgi di taang kithe hai?
Waiter : Woh langra tha.

Surdar : Dil?
Waiter : Dil murgi le gayee.

Surdar: Dimaag?
Waiter: Murga SARDAR tha!!!

Marathon race

Santa Singh sees lot of guys running on the highway. He asks a bystander why all of the guys were running.

The man answers: "They are all running in the marathon race."

Santa Singh: "What do they get from that?"

The man : "The winner will get a prize!"

Santa Singh: "Then why are the others running?"

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