Family's economoics!

Family's economoics!

Banta's son is having trouble understanding Economics, so he asks his dad.

"It's very simple," explains his dad. "Let me make it simpler through comparisons.

Since I'm the one who earns for the house, I can be referred to as the Management. Since your mother runs the household, she will be called the Government, the maid is the Working Class, you are the People and your baby brother, since he's so little, will represent the Future."

With that, the little boy goes away to ponder over all that has been said.

That night, his baby brother's wailing awakens him. So, he rushes to his parents room and sees that his father is not in his bed while his mom is fast asleep. He then goes to the maid's room to find his father busy making out with the maid. Tired of everyone ignoring him, the boy goes back to his room.

Next morning, Banta asks him about what he had learned the previous day.

"Well," replies his son, "While the Management is screwing the Working Class, the Government is fast asleep, People are being ignored and the Future is full of shit."

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Banta dreams

Banta Singh complained to a doctor that he wetted his bed every night. Before it happens, do you see any dreams? the doctor said.

Yes, doctor. Usually I see a dream in which a small demon comes and says, 'Let's pee. OK, the doctor said. Next time you see the demon, say, No, we've already peed.

Next time Banta came to the doctor, the latter asked, So? Did you do as I said?

Yes, I did.

Did it help?

No, doctor. Only, it made the matter worse.


As I said 'We've already peed,' the demon nodded and said, 'Then, let's shit a little.

My pyjamas

A Sardar goes over to visit one of his friends.

While he is at her friend's house it starts to rain very heavily the type that is not going to stop. His friend tells him to spend the night at his house and go home the next day.

When he hears this, he rushes out the door and comes a while later totally drenched and carrying a small bag. So his friend asks "Where did you run off too!"

The Sardar says "I went home to get my pyjamas!"


"I'm scared," Banta said to one of his friends. "I got a letter from a guy who said he'd break my legs if I didn't stop seeing his wife."

"Well," replied his friend, "I guess you'll have to stop seeing his wife."

"Easy for you to say."

"You like her that much?" the friend asks.

"It's not that," declared Banta. "He didn't sign his name!"

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