Electrician Having Sex

Electrician Having Sex

A fat electrician was having sex.

His wife was feeling uncomfortable.

So he asks his wife: Bolo priye tumhe kya gam hai?

Wife: Swami Load Jyada aur Voltage kam hai...

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The Virgin Rumor

Santa was curious, he asked his friend Banta: "Was your wife a virgin when you married her?

Puzzled Banta replied, "I really don't know. Some say yes. Some say no."


Puja and Rahul have been married for six years and have three kids. But Rahul has a strange habit-he will only make love with the lights off.

Pooja puts up with this for as long as she can, but one night her curiosity gets the better of her. She and Rahul are making love in the usual way when suddenly she snaps the light on, and to her horroor, she sees that Rahul is making love to her using a cucumber.

"You impotent wimp!" SHOUTS Pooja. "So this is why you never wanted the lights on! It's disgusting-explian yourself!"

"Okay, dear, "says Rahul, calmly. "I can explain the cucumber, if you can explain our three kids!"

Bitches n Whores

This man is going through a nasty divorce. One night he's sitting at a bar getting plastered.

Suddenly he raises his head, looks over his shoulder to his left and yells, "You women are all bitches!"

Then he goes back to staring into his drink.

Five minutes later he raises his head looks over his right shoulder and yells, "You women are all whores!"

To that a women stands up and says, "I am not a whore!"

The man keeps looking at his glass and says, "Then get to the other side."

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