There was a little boy who discovered his dick one day and asked his dad what it was... the dad responded to say that it was his tricycle and that he can stick it in any garage he wants to!

There also was a little girl who discovered her vigina one day she asked her mom what it was... the mom responded to say that it was her garage and not to let anything in it!

One day the litte boy sits by the same girl on the bus and says this is my tricylce and I can stick it in any garage i want to, so the little girl says this is my garage and I cant let any in it!

The little boy later ongoes home crying and his dad asked him whats the matter and the little boy responded to say that i tried to stick my tricyle in a girls garge and she ripped off my two back wheels!

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The God asked the civil engineer

What mistake did I do in creating a woman?

Civil Engineer - The Drainage area is very close to the Entertainment area !!!

F Rule

Men's "F" Rules:

Find her,
Follow her,
Friend her,
Flirt her,
French her,
Finger her,
Force her,
Fuck her,
Forget her,
FIND Next.!

Creation ...

The creation of pussy

Seven wise men with knowledge so fine,
created a pussy to their design.
First was a butcher,
with smart wit,
using a knife,
he gave it a slit,
Second was a carpenter,
strong and bold,
with a hammer and chisel,
he gave it a hole,
Third was a tailor,
tall and thin,
by using red velvet,
the lined it within,
Fourth was a hunter,
short and stout,
with a piece of fox fur,
he lined it without,
Fifth was a fisherman,
nasty as hell,
threw in a fish and gave it a smell,
Sixth was a preacher,
whose name was McGee,
he touched it and blessed it,
and said it could pee,
Last was a sailor,
dirty little runt,
he sucked it and fucked it,
and called it a cunt.

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