Interesting Fact

Interesting Fact

We thought our Indian players didnt play well..it was ALL in the name!

Teams that went to the Super Six : Australia, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Zimbabwe

Semi Finals: Only countries whose name ended with A went into the Semi-Finals

1. Australia
2. India
3. Kenya
4. Sri Lanka

(New Zealand and Zimbabwe did not have A at their end)

Finals: Only countries whose names ended with IA went into the Final

1. Australia
2. India

(Kenya and Sri Lanka did not have IA at their end)

Who took the Cup ? : KisneWorld Cup "Lia" ? Austra"lia"

Who gave the Cup ? : Kisne World Cup "Dia" ? In"dia"

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Hi Inzmam

After the shameful defeat of pakistani cricket team with india in 03 worldcup at south africa, the team members were not able to show their faces to people and they chose not to go in public and rather just pack up in hotel rooms.

Inzmam could not resist for too long to be in hometown and still not be able to go out shopping and have fun. So he disguises himself as a Sardar and goes out. he meets a woman at the exit of the hotel who greets him "Hi Imzmam !"

Surprised for having been caught he comes back and makes himself up as a muslim woman - in Burkha etc and goes out. Yet same again - the same woman greets him "Hi Inzmam!".

Inzmam comes back determined to give it yet another try with the make up of a Hippie wig and shorts etc. All in vain - the same lady catches him again and greets him "Hi Inzmam!". Bewildered by now, he could not help asking, "How did you recongise me?"

The lady replied - "I am Sohib Aktar!"

Anything to Win

On the day of the local cricket match, the captain was talking to one of his men. 'Look, here's a pound,' he said. 'Go out and buy a new ball or something. Anything that'll help us win.'

The match began and the captain noticed that the same old ball was being used.

He called his man over. 'What did you do with the pound?' he asked. 'Well, you said anything to help us win.'


'I gave it to the umpire.'

Net Practice

The standard of batting in the local cricket team was very low. Even at the net practice, they couldn't hit a thing. Finally, the captain rushed forward and grabbed the bat.

'Now bowl me some fast ones!' he yelled.

Six fast balls came down in quick succession and the captain missed them all.

Not to be put off he glared at the team and shouted, 'Now that's what you're all doing. Get in there and hit them!'

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