Is Blinker Working?

Is Blinker Working?

This guy was driving in a car with Santa Singh. He told him to stick his head out the window and see if the blinker worked. Santa stuck her head out and said, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes..

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Pole Height

Santa Singh and Banta Singh get a contract to paint a flagpole. While trying to compute the area, so they'll know how much paint to buy, Santa stands on Banta's shoulders and stretches to reach the top to compute the height. His reach is short by several inches. So, Banta says may be if they switch positions, because he is taller maybe he can touch the top.

While sitting, pondering another approach to computing the area, a weight lifter comes by. Santa and Banta explain their problem. The weightlifter goes over, wrestles the flagpole out of its socket, lays it down, measures it from bottom to top, gives them the figure, then manhandles the flagpole back into its cement socket and walks off.

Santa looks at Banta, then says, "Now isnt that weightlifter awfully stupid! You ask him the height and he gives you the length of the pole!"

Name and Adress

A cop pulls up Santa and Banta while they are drunk and driving, and says to the Santa, "Whats your name and address?"

"Im Santa Singh, of no fixed address."

The cop turns to the drunk Banta, and asks the same question.

"Im Banta Singh, and I live in the flat above Santa."

Santa's Weight Loss

Santa Singh wanted to lose weight desperately and so he consulted a doctor. The doctor told him that if he ran eight kilometers a day for 300 days, he would lose 34 kilos.

Santa followed the doctors advice and at the end of 300 days, he called the doctor to report that he had actually lost the weight, but had a problem. Whats the problem, asked the doctor?

I am 2400 kilometers away from home.

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