For your Knowledge

For your Knowledge

What bitches say during Sex -
English Bitch - Oh yes, Oh Yes!!!!!!!!!!
American Bitch - Yeah Baby, Yeah Baby!!!!!!!!!
Pakistani Bitch - Ahista Abboo......Ammi jaag jayegi !!!!!!!!!!

What do Bungee Jumping & Prostitutes have in common?
With both pleasure lasts for 35 seconds and if the rubber breaks, you are fucked.

What is the sex organ of an elephant and why?
His foot. Beacuse if he stamps on you, you are fucked.

What do you call two homos having sex? DANDIA
What do you call a group of homos having sex? DISCO DANDIA
What do you call hundreds of homos having sex? LATHI CHARGE

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On STD Booth

Santa goes to STD booth which had a long que and lady was standing next to Santa.

When it was Santa's turn to make the call, he dials a number and listen to it for 3-4 minutes and then hangs up the phone and immediately presses one of the boobs of lady who was next to him, the lady horrified with Santa's actions gave him a tight slap and rest of the public start beating him.

After Santa was beaten up by public, one man comes to him and asks "I was amazed that what makes you so excited after making the call that you pressed the lady boobs."

Santa replied: O yaar Toll Free no mein milaya tha ek lady kahti hai Hindi ke liye Ek dabaye aur Englsh ke liye Do.

Who is an Ass?

Santa singh was walking on the road and paused to read the graffiti on the wall. It read "Padne wala gadha" (One who reads it, is an ass.)

Santa singh thought for an hour, erased and wrote back, "Likhene waala gadha" (One who wrote it is an ass)

1 Rupee Coins

A rich widower miser NRI went back to India and married a young village girl. The girl did not like his hugging and kissing all the time. He thought of a scheme to teach his wife not to hate his American life style. He bought a piggy bank and told his wife that every time he kisses or hugs her, he will put a rupee coin in the piggy bank and at the end of month she can open the bank and buy a new saree with the money. The scheme worked very well. The young wife showed more willingness to be kissed and hugged. At the end of the month he gave her the key and told his wife to open the piggy bank. What he saw did not please him. There were many 5 and 10 rupee bills along with rupee coins in the box. Where did these come from he demanded angirly. Ive been putting only rupee coins.

Not everyone is as miser as you replied the wife.

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