Exact Size

Exact Size

A guy goes to the ladies show room and searches for the bangles for his wife. Meanwhile one of the beautiful sales girl comes to him and enquires what he is looking for.

So the sales girl took him to the bangles cabin and the guy selects the bangles but he was not sure about the exact size of his wife's wrist. He tells the same thing to that sales girl.

Without hesitating that girl asks him to hold of his wrist for approximate size. That guy feels very happy and the size fits perfectly to his wife.

"What else you need to purchase Sir" girl asks..

"My wife asked me to bring a black bra for her...but I don't know the exact size..."

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After Sex

Recently there was an american survey for males in newyork city. The only question asked in the survey was, "what do you do after having sex?"

25% of the males answered,"we get tired and ofcourse need to rest."

25% of them said,"we get afresh and desire to work more and more."

and the remaining 50% said, "we want to go home."

Olympic Condoms

A man is out shopping and discovers a new brand of Olympic condoms.

Clearly impressed, he buys a pack. Upon getting home he announces to his wife the purchase he just made.

"Olympic condoms?", she blurts, "What makes them so special?"

"There are three colours", he replies, "Gold, Silver and Bronze."

"What colour are you going to wear tonight?", she asks cheekily.

"Gold of course", says the man proudly.

The wife responds, "Really, why don't you wear Silver, it would be nice if you came second for a change!".

XL Size Condoms

A woman walks into a drugstore and asks the pharmacist if he sells size extra large condoms.

He replies, "Yes we do. Would you like to buy some?"

She responds, "No, but do you mind if I wait around here until someone does?

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