Restricted Fishing Area

Restricted Fishing Area

A couple went on a vacation to a fishing resort up north, One morning The husband returned after several hours of fishing and decided to take a short nap. The wife decided to take the boat out. She was not familiar with the lake, so she rowed out, anchored the boat, and started reading her book.

Along comes the sheriff in his boat, pulls up alongside and says "Good morning, Ma'am, What are you doing?" "Reading my book," she replies "You are in a restricted fishing area," he informs her.

"But ,Officer,.I'm not fishing. Can't you see that?"
"But you have all this equipment, Ma'am. I'll have to take you in and book you up."
"If you do that ,I will charge you with rape," snaps the irate woman.
"I didn't even touch you," says the sheriff.
"Yes, that's true... but you have all the equipment..."

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Six times a day

This guy went to his doctor full of anger. "Doctor", he said, "I feel like killing me wife. She is indifelity pesonified. You have got to help me.

The doctor decided on how to best handle the case. "Look", he said, "Here are some pills. You take two of these twice a day and they'll enable you to fuck you wife six times a day. If you do this for thirty days, you will fuck her to death."

"Wonderful doctor," said the paitent.

I think I should buy a secluded flat near Marina beach so there won't be anything to interfere with us and no one will be suspicious.

He left with a bottle of pills in his and a simle on his face.

Nearly a month passed, Once the Doctor was roaming at the Marina beach and saw a familiar figure comming along a wheel-chair, just managing to move forward.

"What happened", the Doctor asked recognising his patient.

"Dont worry, Doctor", the patient reassured him, "Two more days and she will be dead."


A man very much wanted to have sex with his secretary, wined her and dined with her. He finally succeeded in getting her to his apartment, Where he whispered sweet promises into her ears while he began to unbutton her top.

"If we get together", he said, "A fur coat and a trip to Europe."

The Secretary nodded to the agreement, and soon the two were having sex. Later, while dressing, She asked him when she could get the fur coat he promised.

"What fur Coat ?" he asked.

"You promised me a fur Coat", she said.

"When I am horny I'll promise anything he said."

Putting one hand on his heart and one on his organ, he added, "When he's soft, he is hard. When he's hard, he is soft!"

Sweet Innocnet Virgin

This guy James always dreamt to marry a sweet innocnet virgin. He had been going with Jane for a few months before he decided to test her. As they drove along in the Car, he unzipped his fly, turned to her, and said, "Do you want to see me wee wee?"

She yelled, "No! No! please zip it up."

Insted of being annoyed, James was pleased. On the evening of their engagement to be married, he tried the same thing, with the same result. Finally on the wedding night, they were alone in the hotel room.

When he unzipped his fly and said to her, "Darling, now you can look at what I've got here", and proceeded to take out his organ.

She looked and replied, "Oh, What a sweet looking wee-wee!"

James said, "No darling you don't have to call it a wee-wee now; you can call it a cock."

She looked at it for a while and then said "No James that's a wee-wee. A Cock is long, thick and black!"

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