History Class

History Class

TEACHER: Ravi what is the time period of AKBAR the GREAT as given in your text book.
RAVI: I dont know miss.

TEACHER: Its given as (1567-1601) in the top of the lesson
RAVI: Sorry miss, I thought it was his Phone number.

History teacher: Ravi, What did Alexander do after he had taken his first step into India?
Ravi: Sir, he took his second step.

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Better Eyesight

Teacher: Who has a better eyesight, an animal or a man?
Student: An animal, of course.

Teacher: Why?
Student: They dont were glasses like you!!


Once a kid prayed to Lord Shiva for a long time and when finally God presented himself before the kid and asked him to ask for any boon the child replied, "Oh God! please give me a guitar."

Lord said that ask for anything but don't ask for a guitar. The bhakta said, "Oh My lord ! I only want a guitar. and nothing else."

The lord again refused.

The kid said , "Oh God, if you can't give me a guitar I don't want to take anything from you but atleast tell me the reason why u can't give me one ?"

The Lord replied - Bachha, if I could have afforded a guitar , then I woudn't have been playing with this damru.

Origin of Government

1. Two biharis were dicussing about the origin of the word ghourmint (government).

"ghour mint are those big people who ghour (ponder) over our problems every mint(minute)"

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