Medical Test

Medical Test

Once, there was a man who was going to the doctor for his blood test (the test was to be done by injecting an injection in his finger and removing the blood),

So when that man was going home after his blood test (he had a tape on his finger), he met another man.

Another man: What is this on your finger?

First man: The doctor took my blood test by putting an injection in my finger then the other man started crying.

First man: Why are you crying?

Another man: I am going for my urine test.

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Girl vs Microwave

Q: Whats the difference between a girl and a microwave?
A: A microwave dosent shout when a piece of meat is put in it!

Recognizing That

Three women are in a gym locker room dressing up to play raquetball. Suddenly, a guy runs through the room wearing nothing but a bag over his head and passes the three women.

He passes the first woman, who looks down between his legs. "He's not my husband," she says

He passes by the second woman, who also looks down between his legs. "He's not my husband either." She says, also not recognizing the unit.

He passes by the third woman, who also looks down as he runs by her. "Wait a minute," she says. "He's not even a member of this club."

Chinese Detective

A man suspected his wife of seeing another man. So, he hired a famous Chinese detective, Mee Lookee Yu, to watch any activities that might develop. A few days later he received this report:

Most honorable sir: You leave house. He come house. I watch. He and she leave house. I follow. He and she get on train. I follow. He and she go in hotel. I climb tree-look in window.

He kiss she. She kiss he. He strip she. She strip he. He play with she. She play with he. I play with me. Fall out of tree. Not see. NO FEE.

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