Black Tongue

Black Tongue

Once a boy had a black tongue. What ever he said was to happen.

One day he was playing with his friends. He lost his marbles in the play. He sked his friends to return the marbles. But they refused. He said "O God take them to you".

Immediately the boys were dead.

Similarly he wished the same for his teacher because the teacher had hit him for not completing the homework. So the teacher died.

So, the neighbours, friends and all complained the boy's father about this. The father started hitting his son.

The son again said "O God take away my father ". Next day the neighbour died.

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Plastic Surgery

Once there was a man who gave his friend $ 10 for his face plastic surgery. His friend said, after the surgery I'll return the money.

After a few weeks his wife said "has your friend returned the money" the man said "how can I? I don't know his face."

Pot of Gold

There is a big room with four corners. In the first corner, you find Superman.
In the second corner you find Batman. In the third corner you find Spiderman.
And in the fourth corner you find an extremely intelligent blonde woman.

In the center of the room there is a pot of gold. Who gets to the pot of gold first?

None, because none of these characters exist.

Hamburger Run

Can a hamburger run a mile in under 4 minutes?

Yes! Because it is a fast food.

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