Bad Manners

Bad Manners

Q:) what is the height of bad manners?

A:) A man peeping thru the keyhole of a glass door.

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The latest multinational tie-up

Bridgestone tyres has tied up with whisper sanitary napkins.
They are making world's first steel bonded sanitary napkin

New Fashion

There was a lady who had a dog named "New Fashion". One day she was bathing and her dog ran out of the house.

She ran behind her dog naked calling "NEW FASHION NEW FASHION"

4 Puzzles

1. What is it?
"it" is a pronoun.

2. Can use make a sentence by using three because?
I use because, because because is a conjuction.

3. What is the center of YOU?
"O" is the center.

4. Head is the tail, Tail is in the Head, U R is the middle, Guess what?

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