Enemy Elephant

Enemy Elephant

Once 2 ants were sitting on a tree, their enemy elephant was passing under the tree.

1st ant : shall we beat him?
2nd ant : not now! now we are two and he is alone.

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Dad : Study
Son : NO

Dad : Nobody died of studying
Son : I don't want to be the first one


Q. What is the similarity between a man and mouse?

A. Both are in search of holes!!

In The Bedroom

Aslam, interested in a house advertised for sale, went to have a look at it. The owner met him at the door and proceeded to show him around. They saw the drawing room, the dining room, the bathroom, the kitchen and then made their way upstairs to the bedroom.

The owner opened the bedroom door. There on the bed were a couple locked in an embrace. "Ah," said the owner. "That is my wife and my good friend Suresh."

They then made their way back to the kitchen where the owner prepared two cups of coffee, took one himself and gave the other to the intrigued Aslam. Not able to contain his curiosity, Aslam asked, "But what about the two upstairs?"

"Oh, let them come down and make their own coffee," answered the owner.

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