Sex - Work or Fun

Sex - Work or Fun

A general, a colonel and a major were having a heated argument on the subject of sex.

The general maintained that sex was 60% work and 40% fun.
The colonel said that it was 75% work and 25% fun.
The major thought it was 90% work and only 10% fun.

At the height of the argument, a private appeared at the doorsteps. "let's leave it to him", said the major.

The private listened carefully and said with an air of absolute finaliy, "if you'll pardon me, sirs, sex is 100% fun and no work at all".

"how do you figure that"? Cried the astonished officers.

"it is very simple", said the private. "if there was any work in sex at all, you guys would have me doing it for you."

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John, bastard

Once a girl went to a church to confess something. The priest asked her what she wanted to confess. She said that she had called a guy, named John, bastard.

On this the priest asked why? The girl said :

"I met a handsome boy in a hotel. We got in a mood to have sex. He took me to his room. He opened my shirt".

The priest asked : "like this"? And opened her shirt.
The girl said : "yes. Then he took off my pant and then his own shirt".

The priest asked : "like this"? And did the same.
The girl said : "yes. Then he took off his pant and my bra."

The priest asked : "like this"? And did the same.
The girl said : "yes then he took off his underwear and my panties".

The priest asked : "like this"? And did the same.
The girl said : "yes then he inserted his penis into my vagina several times".

The priest asked : "like this"? And did the same.
The girl said : "yes"

The priest said : "So what is wrong in this evberybody does this. Why did you call him a bastard?
The girl said : "I asked him if he had ---- aids ----? And he said ----- yes -----".

On this the priest said :: "john you bastard".

Virgin or ....

A typical fat boy is hanging out at his house's raging party when he notices a very attractive girl standing by herself. Being drunk enough to have nerve, he starts talking to her and pretty soon they're dancing. As the night progresses, they go back to his room and start getting it on immediately.

Afterwards, the fat boy says, "Gee, if I'd known you were a virgin, I would have gone slower."

"Honey," the girl replies, "If I thought you could control yourself a little longer, I would've taken off my panties."

Medical Test

Once, there was a man who was going to the doctor for his blood test (the test was to be done by injecting an injection in his finger and removing the blood),

So when that man was going home after his blood test (he had a tape on his finger), he met another man.

Another man: What is this on your finger?

First man: The doctor took my blood test by putting an injection in my finger then the other man started crying.

First man: Why are you crying?

Another man: I am going for my urine test.

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