Without Glasses

Without Glasses

One evening Dilip Kumar returned from work and seeing him tired, Saira Banu asked him to lie down on the sofa and affectionately put his head on her lap.

He removed his spectacles and she commented: "Without glasses you look like the handsome man I married years ago."

Dilip Kumar smiled wickedly and said: "Without my glasses you look like the pretty woman I married years ago".

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Raymonds Shop

Q: Why did a sixer go to a Raymonds shop?

A: To become a complete man.

Pape Da Hotel

A well dressed man was having a dinner in "Pape Da Hotel". After he finished his dinner, he started to wash his hands with table and chair.

The owner saw him and got real angry and asked, "Have you had dinner in some nice hotel before?"

Man: "Ya! I had dinner once in Oberos Hotel."

Owner: "There also, you washed your hands with table and chair?"

Man: "Yes, I did."

Owner: "Nobody told you anything!"

Man: "They kicked me and said agar ase hi karna hai to kisi Pape Da Hotel mae jake khana khaa."


Na tu Sayar hai na tu sayar ka bhatija hai...

Na tu Sayar hai na tu sayar ka bhatija hai...

Tu tere maa baap ke manoranjan ka natija hai.

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