Sun or Moon?

Sun or Moon?

Once, in the morning, two idiots were quarelling. The first idiot was saying that there is sun in the sky, while other was claiming that there is moon in the sky.

Then they saw a man passing by and decided to ask him what is there in the sky. Both the idiots went to him and asked whether there is sun in the sky or moon. The man stared at both of them and then replied, "Sorry, I am new in this village."

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Condom around a cigar

Once there are two ladies who smoke a "Camel" brand cigar. During the rains one of the ladies had a condom around a cigar.

On being asked by the other lady she reasoned that the cigar did not get wet.

So the second lady went to a chemist and asked for a condom, The chemist asked her which one she wanted. She said give me any which would fit a "Camel".

Smoke More

Q: Why do software engineer's smoke more?

A: Coz they tend to ignore warnings.

5 Truths

1. Men who run behind car get exhausted.

2. Panties are not the best thing on earth but next to best thing on earth!!!

3. Virginity is like a balloon - one prick, all gone.

4. If you want a pretty nurse, you got to be patient.

5. Men who live in glass house got to dress in basement.

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