Promotional Scheme

Promotional Scheme

A new Petrol Pump was inaugurated. The business was a bit slow. The owner thought of putting a promotional scheme. After a lot of brainstorming he decided on a novel, exciting plan. Next day he put a banner on his Pump saying," Buy Rs. 500.00 worth of Petrol and get free Sex !!!...* Conditions Apply."

A Sardarji read the banner and drove in for a refill. He filled 500 rupee worth of petrol and asked for free sex. The attendant directed him to the office. The man in the office saw his receipt of Rs. 500 and said that yes, he was eligible for free sex but he will have to guess any number from 1 to 9 and if his guess matched today number picked by the pump management, he would get free sex.

The surdarji guessed 7. The clerk looked into his folder and said, sorry, the number doesn't match. better luck next time.

After a week Sardarji went for a fill again. this time he guessed 3 and the clerk said sorry the number didn't match. Sardarji was really disappointed and was going back to his car when he met another Sardarji, his friend. He told him his predicament and said he thought this scheme was a fraud.

The other sardarji said, " It surely isn't a fraud. My wife got lucky two consecutive times!".

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In Army

A man was bragging about his sister who disguised herself as a man and joined the army.

"But, wait a minute," said the listener, "She'll have to dress with the boys and shower with them too. Won't she?"

"Sure," replied the man.

"Well, won't they find out?"

The man shrugged, "But who'll tell?"

Length of a mini skirt

Q:) What should be the length of a mini skirt?

A:) It should be short enough to be interesting and long enough to hide the object of interest.

3 Friends

Once 3 friends were lost in the jungle. The third friend thought himself to be extra-smart and was over-confident. Suddenly, the tribals captured them. Incidentally, the Chief of the tribe knew English. That tribal asked the first friend whether he wanted 'OOGABOOGA or Death.

The first friend answered 'OOGABOOGA'.Then,some ladies of that tribe took the man into the cave and fucked him for 12 hours. After those 12 long hours the first friend comes out panting and collapses to the ground.

Both the friends were watching this.The second friend friend said that he preferred 'OOGABOOGA'too.The ladies fucked him for 24 hours. He hardly came out when he collpsed and he could not get up.

The third friend was watching this. As he was extra-smart he opted for Death. Then after sometime the Chief announced the following message - "OOGABOOGA till death"

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