Guji guy gets married to this beautiful, voluptuous, village belle, the best of the lot in the whole of the Gujarat.

Wedding night, big night, man is bloody impatient to get his manhood into action. Finally the big moment. He strips...tears her clothes off .... gets on top of her... after 10 minutes of wild action ....he hears his wife sneeze, which suddenly puts him off gear. Disappointed, he gets off & quietly goes off to sleep.

But next day, he pardons his wife for her untimely behaviour, and again starts looking forward to the night. But again in the night after 10 mins, the wife starts sneezing. The husband is quite put off, and next day confides with his doctor, and invites him to actually witness the sad debacle.

So in the night, doctor is hiding behind the window, husband begins his act, and after 10 mins. Wife again starts sneezing. Husband immediately gets off, and approaches the doctor, "See, what did I tell." The doctor, takes his shoe and starts hammering the fellow.

The husband is quite perturbed, and asks the doctor the meaning of all this. The doctor tells him, "Abey gaando (Arsehole - in gujurati), she is not sneezing, she is saying ....... awuchu, awuchu ( I am coming - in gujurati)".

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Two Friends

Two Friends never planned to marry 'coz they heard much about the after marriage controversies between the partners. But due to internal pressure they both married.

After a long time, one day both of them met and asked each other about their life and whether they married or not.

Tensed both of them, first friend told the other" Yaar, kya bataoon, meri to raaton ki neend haram ho gayee. jab bhi bed room mein jaata hoon, meri biwi bolti hai- eh chal gear laga".

The other much more tensed replied" Yeh to kuch bhi nahin, main to jab bhi bed room mein jaata hoon, meri biwi kehti hai" jaanu, ek litre petrol bharna."


There was a drunk sitting in a local tavern when a drop dead gorgeous lady walked in and sat the other end of the bar from him. He said to the bartender "Give that babe a drink on me."

The bartender replied," Sure, but don't count on anything from it, she happens to be a lesbian." Being too drunk to even think straight, the guy decided to strike up a conversation with the lady and, approaching her stated, "I hear you are from lesbia.

Correcting him she told him there was no such place and that she was a lesbian. Unable to make him understand that it was a lifestyle, she offered an example. "Do you see that young lady in the corner?"

"Yes" he says "What I would like to do to her is to take her home, remove her shirt, fondle her lovely breasts and then make love to her all night."

With this, the drunk broke down and started to cry.

"What is the matter?" She asked.

The drunk said through his tears, "I think I am a lesbian too".


Q:) What is the similarity between iodex and sex?
A:) ooh.... ahh..... ouch....

Q:) What is the similarity between a girl and an audio cassette?
A:) Both can be played from both the sides.......

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