Girl & Googgles

Girl & Googgles

Q:) What is the simillarity between Girl & Googgles?

A:) Both are useless unless the legs are opened.

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Telephone Conversation

Q:) What did one telephone say to another telephone?

A:) I am engaged.


What is the height of globalization?

A: Princess Diana.


A British princess with her Egyptian boyfriend going into a German car having a Dutch engine being driven by a Belgian driver on Scottish whisky being chased by Italian paparazzi on their Japanese motorcycles crashed into a French tunnel, treated by an American doctor on Brazilian medicines dies.

Died Virgin

An old lady 85, a virgin, about to die wanted her tombstone to read BORN A VIRGIN, LIVED A VIRGIN, DIED A VIRGIN.

The engraver shortened it to: RETURNED UNOPENED.

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