How old the bones were?

How old the bones were?

While gazing at dinosaur fossils in New Mexico, a tourist asked a guide how old the bones were.

"These happen to be one hundred million and three years old," said the guide.

"How can you be so exact?" asked the tourist.

"Oh, I just have a good memory," replied the guide. "An archaeologist came here and told me these bones were a hundred million years old, and that was exactly three years ago."

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A graffitti written on a wall :

"Children on backseats cause accidents,
Accidents on backseats cause children!"

Curtain and Panty

Q:) What is the difference between Curtain and Panty?

A:) Show comes to an end when curtain goes down, Show begins when panty goes down.

Realy Stupid

Q:) Why did the teacher wore sunglass to the School ?
A:) Coz the children were very bright!

Q:) A person who heals your ills by pills, and kills you by bills?
A:) A doctor.

At a Public Toilet

"Some come here to shit and thunder,
Others come here to sit and wonder."

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