Queen Elizabeth visiting hospital

Queen Elizabeth was visiting a hospital, and during her tour she passed a room where a male patient was masturbating.

"Oh my God", said the queen, "that's disgraceful, what is the meaning of this?"

A doctor explained: "I'm sorry your majesty, but this man has a very serious condition. His testicles are constantly over-full of semen. If he doesn't
masturbate at least 5 times a day, he'll be in excruciating pain.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," said the Queen. "I was unaware that such a medical problem existed."

On the same floor, they then pass a room in which the Queen could clearly see a young nurse sucking a patient's cock!"

"Oh my God!" the Queen shrieked. "What's going on in there?!" The doctor explains: "Same problem, better health plan!"