Church Bell

Church Bell

Once a young lady who was married to an old guy returned to her moms place... her mom was suprised to see her with out her husband.. so she asked her were he was and that young lady started crying and all she had to say was that he is no more....that shocked mom asked her daughter what happened.

Though ur husband was in his sweet 60's there was nothing wrong with him then what went wrong.....then the daughter said it happened like this we had a happy night life...every time that church bell rang we used to have sex...and in that same speed as the bell rang he used to put in all that effort and put in that shot....the bell rang with a break of 5 sec's and we enjoyed..... then again that curious mom looked at her young widow daughter and asked then wat the hell went wrong.

The daughter started crying again and said "yesterday a FIRE ENGINE passed by".........

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Definition of Rape

What is the definition of rape??

Ans. Application of Erection into Depression without Permission!!!

3 Nuns

Three nuns were talking. The first nun said, "I was cleaning the father's room the other day and do you know what I found? A bunch of pornographic magazines!"

"What did you do?" the other nuns asked.

"Well, of course I threw them all in the trash."

The second nun said, "Well, I can top that. I was in the father's room putting away the laundry and I found a bunch of Condoms."

"Oh my," gasped the other nuns. "What did you do?" they asked.

"I poked holes in all of them," she replied.

The third nun said, "Oh shit."

Woman bathing naked

One day there were two boys playing by a stream. One of the young boys was lingering over by a bush. The other boy couldn't figure out why his friend was at the bush so long, so he walked over to the bush, and to his astonishment saw a woman bathing naked in the stream. All of a sudden the second boy took off running.

The first boy couldn't understand why his friend ran away so abruptly, so he took off after him. When he finally caught up to him, he asked why he ran away.

The boy said to his friend, "My mom told me if I ever saw a naked lady I would turn to stone, and I felt something getting hard, so I ran."

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