Lightest Object

Lightest Object

Q:) Which is the lightest object in the whole world?

A:) Penis. Even imagination can lift it.

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A woman is picked up in a bar by Dennis Rodman, the famous basketball player, known for the wildly changing color and style of his hair.

They liked each other and the woman went back with him to his hotel room. He removed his shirt revealing all his tattoos and she saw that on his right arm was a tattoo which said, "Reebok". She thought that was a bit odd and asked him about it. Rodman responded, "When I play basketball, the cameras pick up the tattoo and Reebok pays me for advertisement."

A bit later, his pants came off and she saw "Puma" tattooed on hisleg. He gave the same explanation for the unusual tattoo.

Finally, his underwear came off and the woman screamed and ran to the corner of the room. "What's wrong?", asked Rodman. The woman remained quiet and just pointed at the tattoo on his penis which read "AIDS."

She said, "I'm not going to do it with a guy who has AIDS!" To that he replied, "It's cool baby, don't worry, in a minute, when it gets hard, it's going to say "ADIDAS".

At Party

Once a party was arranged and all the celebrities and achievers were invited to it, A negro also attended the party, the party was to take at dark.

The negro did not waer anything and went as it is. On reaching the venue he asked the host whether he was looking alright or not, the lady replied that every thing was fine but your tie was little below.

Garage Door

Upon serving the passengers their in-flight snacks, one attendant attempted with utmost professional delicacy to communicate with the least risk of embarrassment to the passenger that his pants were unzipped. "Sir, your garage door is open", she whispered.

Several times during the flight she attempted to inform him of his condition but her delicacy was lost on this dumb schmuck until of course he visited the bathroom and realised that he'd been exposed throughout the entire flight.

Realising now what she had been trying to tell him, he became livid with humiliation. If she had just said his pants were unzipped in 'plain English 'he'd have been spared the embarrassment of having been in flight almost 8 hours in that condition. "Garage door" eh!

Well, I two can play that game he said to himself. I'll show her Returning to his seat he waited for that quiet moment when he could be sure that most everyone around him could hear the exchange and called her over to his seat.

"Say, when you saw that garage door open earlier, did you by any chance see a l-o-n-g, brown, sleek Cadillac parked in there?" he said smirking . Without a moment's hesitation, however, the attendant replied,

"Well, no sir, I sure didn't....but I did see a little pink Volkswagen with flat tires!"

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