Angry Sardar

Angry Sardar

Once a sadarji pressed the doorbell of his house, his wife opened the door on seeing her apne sadarji went red with anger as she was standing completely nude.....

sadarji started yelling I have bought so many clothes but still you are like this...if someone else would 've came then...????

He draggged her to hers almirah 'n said "look how many dresses 've got for you. Just look at them. and started counting them - one, two, three, four - excuse me mister, five six....

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Sardar Thief

Banta Singh was shifting his residence. He was packing his belongings. By midnight he was too tired and dozed off with the house door open. A sound woke him up. A thief was packing valuables. Banta Singh found it very amusing, the thief was doing the job for him!

"When this smart guy finishes packing, I will catch him". Banta was a hefty guy, so when the burglar finished packing, Banta Singh jumped on him and tied him up. Then he went to the police station and reported the matter.

"What did you do to the thief"? "I tied his hands; you come and collect him".

"I hope you tied his legs too".

Banta Singh felt a cold feeling in his spine; he had forgotten about the legs. He sat down for a while. Then he cheered up and said,

"Inspector Sab, the thief, he will still be there".

"How do you know"?

"Well, that fellow is also a Sardar".

Blowing Parliament

Sardars Hari Singh and Gani Singh got fed up with the Indian Govt and decided to blow up the parliament. They took 2 bombs, put them in a suitcase in the front seat of their car and set off.

Hari Singh asks "What happens if the bombs blast off now".

Gani Singh says "Don't worry. I have a spare bomb in the back seat"

Window Seat

One sardu was going to Chandigarh from pune by a air-india plane.

He was alloted the middle seat of one of the 3-seats array. But as soon as the sardarji got into the plane, he sat on the window side seat which was actually for an old lady.After some time the old lady came and requested the sardarji to leave the side seat.

But the sardaji told: "I want to see the view from the window and shall not leave". The old lady then complained to the air hostess. The air hostess came and requested the sardarji to leave that seat. But sardarji was adament and did not leave.

Then the air hostess went and told the asst capt. He also came and requested, but in vain.

Finally the Captain came.He whispered something in the ears of the sardarji, and the sardarji immedietly left the side seat and returned to the middle seat. Astonished,the airhostess and the asst. capt. asked the capt afterwards what he told to the sardarji.

Capt. told :"nothing.Ijust told him that only the middle seats will go to Chandigarh. All others will go to Jalandhar."

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