Ek mandir ki deewar pay likha tha: Agar aap gunah kar ke thak chuke hain to ander aaiye.

Neechy lipistick se likha hua tha : Agar nahi thake hain to samne wale ghar main aaiye.

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Sardar Atomic Scientist

Once there was a brainy Surd (?!!) who did his Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics. He was looking around for a job, and to his luck, the BARC at Bombay advertised for a post which was just to his qualifications. He was called up for an interview, but came to the center late. The interview is already over.

After much begging and pleading, the interviewer agrees to interview the Surd. He takes Sardarjee into a cabin, and says 'OK Sardarji. I'll interview you, but on one condition : I'll ask you anything I want, and you should not object. I'll just ask you some simple questions, and if, and only if, you can answer them to my satisfaction will I consider you for the post. Is that OK?'

The Surd is delighted, and says 'Wahe Guru! Yes, sir! Anything you say sir!'

Interviewer : 'OK, First question. What's this?' He imitates a railway engine moving, 'chuk-chuk' sounds and all.

The Surd is flabbergasted. A Ph. D. in Nuclear Physics, and he's being asked a nursery grade school question! He protests 'Sirjee, what's this? What are you doing?'

Interviewer : Now, Sardarji...I told you ... I'll ask anything I want... OK? Just answer the question!

Surd (with some anger in his voice): Why, of course that's a locomotive!

Interviewer : Is it an Indian locomotive or a European locomotive'?

The Surd is stumped. Anyway, he tries... 'It's an European locomotive?!!

Interviewer : Sorry, sardarji, it's a Indian Rail locomotive! You haven't answered my first question properly.. anyway, here's another. What's this?

This time, he makes the sound and action of an aeroplane taking off.

Surd (now really angry) : That's a jet plane, of course!!

Interviewer : OK, is it an Indian Airlines Plane, or a Jet Airways plane?

Surd (enraged beyond belief) : It's a Indian Airlines plane?

Interviewer : Sorry, Sardarji, it's a Jet Airways plane. So, I am sorry.. I have asked you two simple questions, and you couldnt' answer both. So, let's end the interview now. Good bye, and thanks for coming!

The Surd is raging mad by now. He says 'Ok, Sirjee. Thank you for taking my interview. But before I leave, I would like to ask you a favor. Could I ask you just one simple question? Just one that's all!'

Interviewer (thinks 'What can this dumb Surd ask me anyway?' ) : OK, Sardarjee, just one question, and that's it!

The Surd immediately brings up his hand, making the symbol of an O with his thumb and finger. He says 'Tell me what is this?'

Interviewer (laughs out loud) : What kind of dumb question is that??

Surd : Just answer my question!

Interviewer : That's an asshole!

Surd : Whose... your mother's or your sister's?

Short Story

A Sardarji happened to participate in a competition, which was about writing the shortest story. The organizers had put a condition that a story must have four ingredients viz. religion, sex, suspense and mystery.

Sardarji's turn came after many attempts by others. Sardarji gave a story, which was just one sentence and read : "Oh God, my wife is going to deliver a child".

Amused, the organizers asked the sardarji whether it contained all the four ingredients !! Sardarji replied affirmatively and gave his explanation as below:

Oh God : religion
my wife: sex
going to deliver a child : suspense (whether a girl or a boy)

"Okay.... but where is the mystery ?" asked one of the organizers.

The sardar replied : who is the father??

Sardarji was declared the winner for writing the shortest story!


After the death of a chaudry of a village his son became the chaudry of the village.

One day he went in his village to take a look around. In the village he saw a man who looked just like him.

The chaudry said to the man "I think that your mother was a servant in our mansion." The man replied in a respectful manner "No my lord, my father was a servant in your mansion".

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