Kutte ki Dum

Kutte ki Dum

Santa was inserting dog's tail into pipe.
Banta: Oye, kutte ki dum kabhi seedhi nahi hoti.
Santa: Idiot, main to pipe bend kar raha hoon.

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Challan for Helmet

Cow par baithe ek sardar ko traffic police ne rok kar kaha:

Aap ka helmet nahi hai..?? Chalan hoga..!!

Sardar: Dhyan se dekh neeche andhe four wheeler hai.

Good News

Sardar ki promotion ho gayi exective se manager ban gaya.

Wo ghar gaya aur bivi ko naye style main bataya 'tu aaj raat manager naal soye gi'

Bivi behosh.

How to Recognize Horses

There was once a Sardarji who couldn't distinguish between his two horses. Since he didn't know what to do he asked his neighbor for advice.

He responded, "Trim the tail of one of the horses." "You are a very clever man," said the Sardar.

For a couple of months it was all right, but then the tail grew back to its normal size. "You'd better trim the mane of one of the horses, "advised the neighbor. For another couple of months it worked, but then the mane grew back.

"The best thing to do is to look for some characteristic that doesn't vary with time, like the height of the horses," said the neighbor.

"You are a very wise man. I'll measure them and tell you about it."

After a few hours the Sardar returned to his neighbor. "You were right! I've Measured their height and the white horse is three inches taller than the black one."

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