Difference between boys and girls

Difference between boys and girls

Rina: What is the difference between boys & girls?
Boys are naughty, we are beauty.
They've chest, we've breast.
They've night falls, we've 2 big balls.
They've a big pole, we've a deep hole.
They can fuck, we can suck.
They are brilliant, we are pregnant.
and at last we are "LOVERS" They are "FUCKERS".

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Real Bad Headaches

One day a man goes to his doctor and says, "Doc I have these real bad headaches. What should I do?" The doctor replies, "Well, to get rid of my headaches I just have sex with my wife." They both laugh. A week later the patient returns. The doctor asks, "How are you feeling?"
The patient smiles and replies" You were right! I feel so much better. And, by the way, Doc, you have a lovely home."

Oral and anal s.e.x

Difference between oral s.e.x and anal s.e.x
Oral s.e.x makes your day and...
Anal s.e.x will make you weak.


Dad brought a robot which slaps a person who lies.
Dad: son, where were you?
Son: School, robot slap. Son: film.
Dad- which one?
Son: sai baba, robot slap again. Son: "A" film
Dad: what? I have not seen such films, robot slaps dad.
Mom: forgive him dear after all he is your son, robot slaps mom.

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