The captain of a World War II ship ordered everyone to celebrate the victory by masturbating in a barrel. Every soldier did as was ordered and after drying the barrel for three days, they sealed it watertight and threw it into the sea.

The barrel reached a seashore where a priest spotted it. He took it to the church, opened it and thinking its wax ordered the servants to make candles out of it for the church.

Guess What happened in about four months time all the nuns were found to be pregnant!!.

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Q: What is the similarity between girl and bank?
A: As soon as you withdraw you loose interest....!

Q: What does roman guy says to the egyptian girl?
A: Come behind the pyramid I'll make you mummy.

Dr. Johnny

One day Little Susie got her "monthly bleeding" for the first time in her life. Having failed to understand what was going on and being really frightened, she decided to share her trouble with little Johnny.

Having found Johnny, she told and showed him what her problem was. Johnny's face grew serious and he said, "You know, I'm not a doctor, but it looks like someone just ripped your balls off!"


Q: What happens when you put bomb in a bra?
A: Tit Bits.

Q: What happens when u put bomb in a underwear?
A: Bannana Split.

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