Umbrella Repair

Umbrella Repair

Girl goes 2 repair umbrella.
Umbrella man says:- Upper cloth has to be removed and rod has to b inserted.
Girl says:- Do any thing but water shouldn't go in !!!

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Cat at School

Teacher: John, why is your cat at school today?
John : I heard the postman tell mum.. when the kid goes to school I'm gonna eat your pussy.

Bicycle and Woman

What is the difference between riding a bicycle & riding a woman?
Riding a bicycle u fix ur ass & move ur legs.
Riding a woman u fix ur legs & move ur ass!

I Cinema

Girl in cinema turns sideway n whisper 2 her boyfriend: The man next 2 me is masturbating!".
BF: "Ignore him."
GF: "I can't.
BF: "Why not?"
GF: "He's using my HAND!"

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