Business is bad

Business is bad

Man to wife: Business is bad, if u learn 2 cook we can remove servant.
Wife: If u learn how to fuck we can remove driver, gardener & watchman...

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Wanted to be human

The sperm wanted to be human very anxiously. One day an opportunity arrive so they rush out very quickly.
Suddenly the leader shouted: STOP! My God we are finished. The boss is only masturbating!

Umbrella Repair

Girl goes 2 repair umbrella.
Umbrella man says:- Upper cloth has to be removed and rod has to b inserted.
Girl says:- Do any thing but water shouldn't go in !!!

Cat at School

Teacher: John, why is your cat at school today?
John : I heard the postman tell mum.. when the kid goes to school I'm gonna eat your pussy.

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