The Blind date!

The Blind date!

Banta sets up Santa to go on a blind date with a friend of his. But Santa is a little worried about going out with someone he's never seen before.

"What do I do if she's ugly?" says Santa, "I'll be stuck with her all night."

"Don't worry," Banta says, "just go up to her door and meet her first. If you like what you see, then everything goes as planned. If you don't just shout 'Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuggghhh!' and fake an asthma attack."

So that night, Santa knocks at the girl's door and when she comes out he is awe-struck at how beautiful and sexy she is.

He's about to speak when the girl suddenly shouts: ....."Aaaaaaaaaaauuugguuughhh!"

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Banta a construction worker goes to the doctor and says, "Doc, I'm constipated."

The doctor examines him for a minute and then says, "Lean over the table."

Banta leans over the table, the doctor whacks him on the ass with a bat CRACK, CRACK, CRACK... and then sends him into the bathroom.

Banta comes out a few minutes later and says, "Doc, I feel great. What should I do to prevent constipation?"

The doctor says, "Stop wiping your ass with cement bags."

Hi Tech

An Indian, a Japanese, and a Pakistani were sitting naked in the sauna. Suddenly there is a beeping sound. The Indian presses his forearm and the beeping stops. The others look at him questioningly. "That's my pager," he says. "I have a microchip under the skin of my arm."

A few minutes later a phone rings. The Japanese lifts his palm to his ear. When he finishes he explains, "That's my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand."

The Pakistani, feeling decidedly low-tech but not to be outdone, decided he had to do something just as impressive. He steps out of the sauna and goes to the toilet. He returns with a piece of toilet paper hanging from his butt. The others raised their eyebrows and said, "Wow! What's that?"

"I'm getting a Fax," he explains.


Ek mandir ki deewar pay likha tha: Agar aap gunah kar ke thak chuke hain to ander aaiye.

Neechy lipistick se likha hua tha : Agar nahi thake hain to samne wale ghar main aaiye.

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